Friday, September 14, 2007

Halloween Swap Goodies for Michele

Such fun pulling together and creating items for HopHopJingleboo's Halloween Swap! Black cats and....other goodies will be tucked into a "Trick or Treat" bag being sent to Michele in Vancouver, Canada. Wish I could fit in with it -- gorgeous place, I was there many years ago and had a simply enchanted time.

I'm also working on additional shabby signs. Creative artist, Stephanie at her store, Gatherings, in Georgetown, Texas is willing to show a couple in her store; and I've outfitted my yard with a few...maybe will put some on Craig's list?!


Cheryl said...

Hello, Sweets! It's Cheryl...just found you on etsy and then found your blog here! I'll just poke around a bit and see what you're up to here! hugs...cheryl :)

Cheryl said...

ooops...found you on Flickr I meant to say! But if you have an etsy shoppe, let me know! :)