Friday, September 14, 2007

Halloween Swap Goodies for Michele

Such fun pulling together and creating items for HopHopJingleboo's Halloween Swap! Black cats and....other goodies will be tucked into a "Trick or Treat" bag being sent to Michele in Vancouver, Canada. Wish I could fit in with it -- gorgeous place, I was there many years ago and had a simply enchanted time.

I'm also working on additional shabby signs. Creative artist, Stephanie at her store, Gatherings, in Georgetown, Texas is willing to show a couple in her store; and I've outfitted my yard with a few...maybe will put some on Craig's list?!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We've begun "demolition" and are having fun!

So...we've been pulling down mini-blinds -- thank goodness for Freecycle, else no-one will take them as a donation (Goodwill doesn't want them)! Pulled down some walls in the basement and have begun making some plans for the remodel! Not using a napkin, we're plotting preliminary ideas and have our lists of materials ready for sizing!
Noodling over exterior paint colors -- in this neighborhood the possibilities are ENDLESS! I met our neighbor this weekend, comes cooler weather, they're going to paint their house Purple! Fun...the house next door to us is blue with dark blue trim, the house across the street is coral with turquoise...hmmmm....we're thinking a spicy pumpkin...but I digress. Steve's off to meet the drywall contractor and begin plotting!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter illustration and Children's books

Lately I've been on a big Peter Rabbit kick...the illustrations in Ms. Potter's books are so sweet. I made over this child's stool and used some vintage look children's alphabet paper to dress up the top of the stool...then used some illustrations from a 1980s Peter Rabbit collection...don't worry, the book was in very poor condition!

I've also come across several Nancy Drew's at the Goodwill stores in the building up the collection at Nina's school as well as our own personal collection.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Whimsey finished for International Vintage Banner Swap

This was the first time I've made a banner...quite fun...the more I would dig in my boxes of goodies, the more embellishments I found. Vintage sewing pattern, vintage tatting (picked up at the "Caring Place") purchased quite some time ago...someone spent so much time on it and the delicate rose colored lace that resulted is pretty surrounding the banner.

Also used a Perrier de Jouet ribbon, shabby tags (one says Made in America -- my swap Partner was delighted to be receiving something from the U.S.), glitter and a Victoria's Secret garter that I cut up and tea-stained and then affixed to the top. Finally, a couple of sea shells and some beads to dress it up a bit. Hope she likes it!

I got a glimpse of the banner I'll be receiving, and it's DELIGHTFUL! All the way from Germany, by Svenja (artcreations).