Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just a few pictures of some of my work, my home

These are some pages out of two altered books I created earlier this year; the first was a Valentine's brown paper bag album and the second an antique altered book with lots of images of birds and niave paintings of children. My family/friends feel that the altered book has been my best work so far.
The other photo is of an assemblage I made of a bird's nest -- using an old cheese tray. I like using the glass cover as a sort of cloche to cover delicate little displays.


Jane said...


I am your collage swap partner! Your projects are terrific! I love the one with the cheese plate. How clever, now I have another thing to look for when thrifting. I have only just begun to try my hand with paper crafting, but I read so many paper crafting blogs that I am super inspired to try this swap!

Carol said...

Hi Bridget!

Thanks for the hint on flickr!

Ah a cheese cloche!
See now I know what you mean! Somehow I was thinking that you are talking about something out of cheese cloth lol
Nevermind, English is not my mothertongue so sometimes I understand things wrong. I made a cheese cloche assemblage too last year around Easter, have to search for the picture. Your nest in the cloche looks really great! I like your altered books too. An altered book project was my start into the craft love, it's so much fun to make them isn't it?

Have a super nice day!
Carol x