Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer and stuff

i've FINALLY completed a wedding gift that was commissioned to me by a friend; very tough as I don't know the couple and I didn't have much to go on except use of thier wedding invitation and a picture of the couple. Oh, and my friend said "nautical". EEEK! What to do!? Well, this is the final result. I did one of my "message" in a bottles...tea-stained and ripped edge of the invitation, then rolled it and put it in the bottle with lots of pretty stuff, including sand, sparkles of every kind, shells, a key, phrases about love, the picture of the couple. Then I did a 9 x 12 board with a "map of a journey of love..." that includes images of vintage maps some significant places (Austin, where the wedding is, the Caribbean (where they'll honeymoon, and Georgetown where they'll reside). Definitely a one of a kind piece...I'll tell my friend they can seal the bottle and throw it in the ocean when they arrive there on their honeymooney.

other random pictures of other works I've sold...a piano bench that I saved from the side of the road (only minor repairs were needed) and then painted and gave to a charity auction (they made $100.00 from, hunh?), a storage box made from a cast off kid's toy box, a storage piece that I painted for one of my daughter's friends 2nd birthday (her Mom loved it), and a picture of my precious little girl playing princess in the Texas bluebonnets this May.

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